About Us


Our Approach

Learning made easy.

Our Story

Blanno was founded in 2018 in Cardiff, Wales with a mission to change the way that we learn for the better.

Fed up of boring, long courses full of jargon we set out to make things simple to save people time and money. This is when Blanno began.

The name "Blanno" comes from the Welsh word "to plant". Our logo is also based around the birch tree which in celtic mythology symbolizes new beginnings. This represents our new beginning as a start up company, as well as our desire to help learners to prosper and grow to achieve the best that they can.

Meet the Team

We are a small, committed team who are passionate about learning.



Top Dog

Max is 6 years old and does the voiceovers for all the videos.


Laura Abraham

Founder and CEO

Laura is 23 years old and loves dogs.


Kate Abraham

Founder and Head of Charity

Kate Abraham is not the man in the above picture.

Want to get in touch?

We'd love to hear your thoughts about our courses, so please feel free to get in touch!